Monday, January 21, 2013

The story behind the album ‘The Indestructible’ AUDEH OverDose

Around May, 21, 2012 Mohamed Audeh or as we can say by his stage name AUDEH OverDose aka DJ O’D the 18 year old Bahraini DJ & Producer, one of the youngest and rising to the top in the Middle East, when he was born he was almost deaf which meant he was barely able to hear anything, he also had Astigmatism which means he wasnt able to see well, Astigmatism is usually caused by an irregular-shaped cornea and is easily corrected by eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery. That was first noticed by his 2nd grade teacher back when he was in elementary school. Later on in high-school AUDEH fell ill, he was taken to the hospital where they discovered he had extremely big kidney stones in both kidneys, and two big stones stuck in his tubes, these could have killed him if he was not treated directly due to the pressure the stones would cause on the kidneys, he missed his last final exam from school, it was his last exam before he graduates from IKNS ‘Ibn Khuldoon National School’ and spent almost the entire summer vacation doing surgeries, such as radiotherapy and shockwaves. He was in and out of the hospital until he was stone free which took time.

After he was healed back to normal he later traveled to British Columbia, Canada where he attended university there. Everything went well with him, until he came back to Bahrain for the winter break, he was supposed to stay for two weeks in the country, but four days after he arrived he fell ill again and had very high fever, coughing, stomach ache, and a soar throat. At first people thought it was a flue, due to the change of weather from cold to hot, but the doctor at the clinic said it was a soar throat and prescribed him to some medication. He did not get any better and his fever kept rising, he was later taken to the emergency room where they gave him an anti-biotic IV shot which was supposed to reduce his fever which it did, but ten minutes later it went back up to being very high, the doctors decided to do several tests, such as several blood tests, urine test, x-ray, ultra sound test, and several others. After a long wait the doctor came back to announce that Audeh had Pneumonia, which is an infection in the lungs, that also causes troubles in breathing, and also that he had water in them too.

He was directly hospitalized for a while; he missed several family events, but was only allowed to go out for New Years, which was heading into the year of 2013. The doctors said that he had the infection for a while but couldn’t feel it because of how cold it was in Canada. After a painful and boring procedure of the healing process, Audeh was finally released from the hospital but had to postpone his flight back to Canada for a week. Four days later came his cousin’s engagement party where Audeh had found out that his girlfriend had been cheating on him with another guy which led them to breaking up and the next day was his flight back to Canada.

He was not able to stay in Canada for the semester so he decided to come back to Bahrain for a semester due to everything that has happened, and while he was in Canada he and his cousin had sold their apartment, and took everything with them to travel to Bahrain, and on January 17th 2013, AUDEH OverDose has finally released his first album called ‘The Indestructible’ which has that title due to his past and as in saying he is indestructible. On February 14th 2013 one of AUDEH’s best friends passed away in a car accident, when he was on his way to pick up AUDEH and another friend, Ahmed was a big supporter of AUDEH’s music, and was helping him arrange a party that was going to be huge, but later on got cancelled due to his death, now AUDEH is working a track called “Mahozi” in dedication to his friend Ahmed Al Mahozi.

Like he always says “making good music doesn’t come from the best or most expensive equipment, but with patience and full focus, but most of all what comes from the heart.”
Quoted by AUDEH “I will never give up on what I love to do, no matter what stands in my way, and no matter how badly I fail, I will stand on my feet and keep moving forward until I reach my goal insha-allah”